Richard Dawkins (Author of THE GOD DELUSION) – [Brisbane] March 4th. Only $15/students $18/adults. {=}

Dawkins is giving a talk in Brisbane on March 4th.Only $15/students $18/adults. Tickets @ QTIX

“Join Britain’s greatest science writer as he comprehensively rebuts the creationists by pulling together the incontrovertible evidence for evolution.”

I’m going to this and I’d strongly suggest it to those open to discussion around religion and who are able to lay down their defensive guns and consider scientific evidence.

Dawkins is interviewed by a guy obviously intent on defending religious belief. See the video below:


The Clientele – MUSIC +}}/story!!!!! {=}

The Clientele – a great band
short story


took LSD

Maserati – Synchronicity IV [new favourite song] {=}

This is my new obsession at the moment. MASERATI from Athens, GEORGIA.
I love it when bands really have that strong driving rhythm accompanied by palm muted delay guitar.

Particularly liking ‘Synchronicity IV’
Makes me think about Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Death Cab For Cutie, Smashing Pumpkins (Machina era) and even has some cool jungle drums at the end.

Anyway, here’s a link to a live video of them playing it. You could watch it too if you’d like if that’s what you’re into.

Enjoying a quiet night with a smooth beverage, dim lighting and music at my ears.

New song! “Wintersun (Morningtime)” Available on Last.FM {=}

More of an aubade than a ‘song’.

Recently featured on Ruwan De Silva’s promotional video for Je Ne Sais Quoi.

You can listen for free and download from Last.FM.

hedwig || the origin of love {=}

some new shit added to {=}

social networking icons and other schmaltzy things.
you can also listen to the EP streaming here

it’s sunday night and after a fine weekend rehearsing, having a bed-in and reading noam chomsky, i’m tired.

farewell, goodnight internet hills.

Leaving Crescent Head (2005) [writ][ings] {=}

Morning’s breath casts a sheet of blurred vision across the fields.
She whispers; “welcome to the day i have prepared for you”.

I climb to the top of the highest tree
I peer across the ocean of cloud, and in my dreary state,
silhouettes of home and echoes of the week just passed.

Like a thought passing from mind to mouth; the haze of approaching headlights whiz by.
Too quickly for me to grasp.
I realise now that i am well-slept and well-prepared for what lies ahead of me on this newborn day.

arrivée {=}


exciting. you’ll be able to download Naturestrip for free very soon.

playing a few more shows with Madeleine Paige this weekend. One at the Portside Wharf and another at Chalk.

rehearsals begin with the folk from Yoke & Pixel this weekend also. we’ll have our heads down for the next month or two in preparation for a series of performances to showcase Naturestrip.

more information to follow..


Word of the Day for Wednesday, January 6, 2010 {=}

atelier \at-l-YAY\, noun:

A workshop; a studio.

we are the youth {=}

found this cool website where a great deal of young people from around the world comment on various current affairs/debates.


An interesting one on the new movie ‘Avatar’ + the lack of hollywood actors in these CGI films.

“There have been numerous films this year that have made large amounts of money but have not had big stars attached. Avatar in particular shows that there are other ways of engaging audiences rather than paying immense pay checks to a few faces that everyone recognises. Avatar does it with its 3D graphics.”

(see the full discussion here)

arundel playing with Madeleine Paige @ Ric’s (Brisbane) TOMORROW Night. 29th December. from 8:30pm. w/ Camels {=}

come for some holiday cheer and music for your ears


i bought a 2nd hand analog phaser pedal in Tokyo recently, it will feature.


just got back from a weekend in the lost world valley {=}

it was ollie, tina and my birthdays. we stayed here:


Katandra Mountain Farm House

CBC News – World – Another Earth-like planet found orbiting nearby star {=}

CBC News – World – Another Earth-like planet found orbiting nearby star.

Koenji Guest House + photograph {=}

a few of us stayed in the humblest of small guesthouses in Koenji (Tokyo).

if ever you go, stay at the Koenji Guest House.

two kind and helpful Japanese fellows (Toshi & Ryusaku) look after it and it’s cheap to stay in.

koenji is also well known for its Second hand clothing stores and also used to have quite a thriving punk scene.

kylie fisk took these photos



in japan


The Band. [ fèru, yoke, twinklybits, elephant shoe ] {=}

For the live performances planned next year, we’re combining ourselves into one superhuman.

See our portrait below.

Ruwan made this.

Park Road West rehearsal [photos] {=}

Ruwan took these. Rehearsing for next year’s shows.

Tang Oudomvilay plays the Bass at rehearsal.


the band rehearsing 'Sleepless' /\