Arundel is the name encompassing many of the musical creations of Australian-born-now-Berlin resident Lucas Arundell. He plays the role of songwriter, composer, arranger and producer, creating a broad range of songs, grooves, soundscapes, remixes and instrumental pieces.

Projects often involve collaboration with guest vocalists, instrumentalists and visual artists. Stylistically, Arundel draws inspiration from orchestral, trip-hop, ambient, electronic and experimental music.

The music is composed with the intentions of allowing the listener to hear it in their own time and place; their own comfortable environment. Hence, Arundel’s music begins in his home studio where songs are constructed with a clear focus on sonic texture, arrangements, unique instrumentation and production. Lyrics are often sparse, but voice and vocal content is still fundamental to Arundel’s works, often appearing in an unconventional matter.

The live show incorporates laptop electronics, guest vocalists, sweeping effects, guitars and sometimes live drums.

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