better to wake in a clear-blue sun

and so, it remains
that feeling of excited news
so proudly pronounced and
said to the world;
“hear me”, as the words fall silent

we all prepare
a sudden verse,
proof-read and ready to speak
and so often the sullen love’s we wish declare
stay quiet behind our heart’s muffled ┬áchoice

so easy it is to say, ‘i love this’, and that’s the way
kept open and friendly, that’s all we need
yet still those words remain unseen

to fuel the flame, we can decide that it’s all simple
when my love keeps bed with another,
still we decide that it’s simple
and convince the heart’s woo’s to be clear,
but it’s not so clear

the tale; so often read
keeps stories of new love
but it’s not until this point
that we realise, it’s not simple
or moreso, the truth is simple,
yet we hide from the brutal truths of honesty
instead, convince ourselves that we should lay silent

dormant, for i am fooling this feeling,
treating the heart like a misfire’d spark
just be honest and true to she who you love,
despite the fear of what change may come

if the stakes are to lose
what current seas’ swell,
best be the truth
and let tides do the tell,
it’s more than you think;
to me,
and that’s an important honesty

you’re in a difficult spot,
and that’s what i love.
let’s face a quarter-life challenge together
we’re young and ready and moving on
teach me what you want to teach your students
let’s sit at the piano together, alone

let’s just all say what we’re thinking
better than spending the night, convinced it’s all in good fun
better than hiding and saying the night’s done
better to wake in a clear-blue sun