in-midst of a musical fit

in-midst of a musical fit
the man finds clarity.

only when faced with the ugliness of the external world
can a person seek inner truth through beauty

with timing impeccable,
such words fell into his pocket;
grains between toes
itching for attention, yet tiny in consequence

to be given the gift of a loud instrument
is a sacred responsibility
and the musician  who wields such heavy artillery
shall face only listeners and inner-ear reflection

tonight; to amplify such history’s face to my pocket
in a few dissonant strikes
i found myself able
to dismantle a reaction
tame one’s prose in youth
and think about our world,
so said; a mild grain
itching between my toes
and rinsed away in a B minor key

friends suggested I use the diminished 7th
during that pivotal moment
sure, he did. and boy! it did a lot

in-midst of a musical fit,
tonight i found myself kneeling to the glory of music, expression and communication
and not to the restless itch
of their pocketfuls of sand
castles built to shield them from themselves

pick up your instrument,
you can do it too