the context of improvisation

talking all the time
hear the sounds my voice makes
send it back through the relay
attempt to understand
these new notes; out of phase

in music, when we improvise: you just go for it
fill loungerooms with amplified thought [/or none]
direct-in [no effects, no processing]
and then you listen back, later.

it feels good to do this, in a group we are colourblind
surrounded by the whole spectrum,
we take turns
and splash the beautiful ignorance of spontaneity
around the room

and then hit the playback,

it feels good to do this

i figure; this is right, this is true expression, this is pure

and then in conversation, in argument, in passionate fuss
i let loose and express, free of over-thought and monotone logic, i improvise
and it doesn’t feel so good

there’s colours to these words
but so often they paint an england dreary
when intended is ocean cleary

need time to cleanse my palette
choose of colour and not without
to be silent for silence and explete through-shout

it feels good to have learned this,
the context of improvisation
and the difference between sound and communication