A Deep Freeze reviewed in French Indie Rock Mag.

Translation below:

That’s fate! We were searching for information about ‘Arandel’, when we found the Australian Arundel who just released his first single A Deep Freeze after three years of hard work. You can download it for free via Bandcamp.

Yes, you read it right! Three years for a single, nothing less. At least, with this single, we can wait for the EP who will come out next winter. This fellow promises us the moon with his smooth acoustic-electro-pop. We are really enthusiastic about this new single.

A fabulous cross-road between organic trip-hop and orchestral tendencies of Lamb or Craig Armstrong, purified beats of Massive Attack, arrhythmic virtuosity of DJ Shadow and spacious composition of David Sylvian. With the romantic combination of friend Kate Jacobson and roommate Simon Crossley voices, A Deep Freeze is sincere and at the height of it’s ambition. “With each listen, you’ll hear something new and hopefully get sucked in to the adventure that is A Deep Freeze.” says Lucas Arundell, surely aware of the epic potential of this piece.