Vocal session with Simon and Kate

The other night we got together at the shed to record vocals for A Deep Freeze.

This track has been in the works since 2008. I actually started writing it when Simon and I lived together and played in a band. It’s been a long 3 years of developing the song and I love where Simon and Kate have taken the lyrics and story. It feels as though we’ve got some sort of narrative or dialogue happening between the two characters/singers.

Anyway, I finished recording Timbales and Snare drum for the opening section today and it’s just got a couple of guitar chords to go before the recording’s done. Then the somewhat mammoth task of mixing! Either way, it’ll be out soon. I’ll be excited that people can hear it. Three years in the making.


Simon plays in the band Skypilot.

Kate plays in the band Texas Tea.


Kate in the studio
Lucas in the studio
Simon, Darek and Kate in the studio