Paris, windows, cancelations and good times.

We had to lean out the window of our apartment
So we could smoke in the winter air
Nodding at neighbours doing the same

Kate and anthony’s flight out of Paris was canceled
So they were staying another night
Dinner, wine and dessert
And we talked about crushes, communication and guitars

No idea how or when we’ll get home.
But it’s good.

2am and we wonder if more wine should be purchased from down the road. These guys are going to call the airline and try their luck. Funny because we’re drunk. Makes stressful times more enjoyable.

We’re going to bed. At some point. Cosy little apartment in the Latin quarter of Paris. Saw some great blues jams last night at a bar that used to be an underground torture cave. Nice.

Loving the fact that we’re all in this limbo period where we don’t know where Christmas will be, and feeling safe in the company of friends.

Rolling another cigarette to smoke out the window, making plans to quit next year and replacing the inhalation with more physical activities such as rockclimbing, bicycle riding and drumming. Wanted to try this new lifestyle in November but figured I’m going to Europe so definitely, after.

Spoke earlier with a friend about perspectives on love, knowing. You’re in love and actually putting the perspective in to practice. It’s harder than it sounds, mais c’est possible!

Ok Kate is off the phone so we will finish our wine and go get some

Paris make good experience and wine make Lucas happy, warm and calm. Fearing tomorrow morning, though.. painkillers for breakfast.