Amsterdam / Madrid [in short]

Just a quick post for now.

Dutch artists, wine, no sleep, Lieden, fog, happy, slow to wake up, writing, piano, a cat named Omar, love, futures, building art factories, Bon iver, hash, chance meetings, gin, mantras, bridges, conversation.

Warm, beautiful buildings, Spanish fire, tapas, “I am sorry, I am Australian”, naval history museum, sore feet, lost, Horace Andy @ Sale Heineken, cute jeweller at the markets, walking, alone, Christmas lights, memories wished to be shared with another, free breakfasts, sad, meditate, lyrics, retreat, bath house, massage, ballet, theatre, cry, rain, anticipate, music, homeless man with four dogs, drifting, birthday, decipher, the past, the future, right now, family.

Hard to write more on this phone, will update more with photos in Berlin.