Sneak peek @ ‘Wintersun’ and Bon Voyage arundel.

So for the next few weeks. I’ll make this a travel blog.

What a year. Now European winter awaits me. I leave tomorrow and my bags aren’t packed. But they will be.

I have books, socks, shirts and pens. Hopefully enough warm things. Found some thick gloves. Hands will thank me.

Not too much to write tonight. In fact this post is but another procrastinatory measure I’ve taken to ensure I live up to my last-minute-lucas name.

But in good news, said procrastination has led to me uploading a work-in-progress mix of Wintersun.

Had a drum session with Matty Harrison a few weeks back. Still working on arrangement.

Wintersun is a song that will be further worked for the next Arundel EP. This should be out in March. Gigs after that.

Fingers crossed I don’t get swept up in Berlin and never come back. hmmm awwww…..

If you go here, you will see the music player at the bottom of the window. Click play.

BACK TO PACKING! Will write next from United Kingdom.



on the eve of travel
already underslept
my place is a mess

soon, rest to be packed into my body
and shirts and books in my bag

ready to shoot across airways
try keep up with the airwaves