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The Lost Heart (2007)

the lost heart roams deserted highways in the night, searching for a place to call its home ’cause the places it has known are all but lost, all but lost. the lost heart sings to silent airwaves and the frequencies bounce off his lover’s head. calling out, calling out “if you need me, if you […]

better to wake in a clear-blue sun

and so, it remains that feeling of excited news so proudly pronounced and said to the world; “hear me”, as the words fall silent we all prepare a sudden verse, proof-read and ready to speak and so often the sullen love’s we wish declare stay quiet behind our heart’s muffled  choice so easy it is […]

Strangelove turn’d to distant days

Silence was always the problem, Silence was strange. Strange space between them and of them, Strangelove turn’d to distant days.

Christmas in France

i want christmas in france; in the hills where a French grandmother will ask if I am in love And I’ll answer “no” and we will talk about love with the whole family and ponder over wine and contemplate the world instead of arguing over who got the pork and if the shops are open […]

And she flew in

And she flew in on sunken air not without dreamy desire across and into this foreign bed and such foreign lands   but no such dream may  visit unless

pressing buttons

what the fuck ever happened to the soulful guitarists? and musicians that feel broken-hearted men with fingers to place words as notes; to chords and sing now there’s too many illiterates pressing buttons making sounds who haven’t even learned of heart just downloaded the samples looking the part am i one of these? or one […]


Tonight, let the moon be a hole in the sky. Light shone through a window for passers-by.

in-midst of a musical fit

in-midst of a musical fit the man finds clarity. only when faced with the ugliness of the external world can a person seek inner truth through beauty with timing impeccable, such words fell into his pocket; grains between toes itching for attention, yet tiny in consequence to be given the gift of a loud instrument […]

the late hours

the late hours, again hiding in the corners of the ceiling staring down at me locked eyes and stolen rest there is never enough time to think about everything, every thing hiding memories are slowly found in this tired-night waking  place at least i’ve found something and so the late hours come and visit when […]

exhausting creative wick

lately wondering if i’ve been wasting time how fine, the balance of fun and fruition pardon and perseverance tripping from europe’s december-winter back into the homely sun to find a brightness continued into australian winter’s months and then i wonder; “have i no time for introspection?” a year of creation, production but no reflection? guess […]

i remember i played it as you sat on the floor in my doorway

this evening i listened to a recording direct-in through the acoustic guitar i remember i played as you sat on the floor in my doorway we felt the sparks fly, perhaps for the first of times as you’d let me play for you and we’d joke over a smoke turning the recording up loud; i […]


beautiful dream needed to get out of town took a drive to the country got a flat tyre asked someone if i could stay a nice man – widower let me stay he had a farm with ducks, birs, pigs, horses let me feed them. he was a very kind man – also getting lots […]

the quarrelsome spirit of insight

always dreaming of the mad professor she drank wine from a beaker and lit cigarettes on the bunsen but nothing could attract his eyes from the chalkboard kept up late at night by the constant question, the constant; so sly & disguised, hiding among variables, numbers sought after in the quest for purpose, meaning and […]

An Affirmation [24.01.09]

It is a duty to myself to look after myself. I will live at peace always, or seek to obtain peace and freedom from inner conflict. Just as the day goes into hiding at night, I too must retreat to a hideaway from time to time. In order to create, exist and to be a […]


faces wear me out at night when overseas counterparts connect sharing text of thoughts with context lack but the truth is easier to twist with fingers and not faces nerves (like ice) exposed to the sun he didn’t understand the artist’s heart stolen up in misconceptions for one moment to better understand before judgement speaks […]

the late hours

there has always been something grand about the late hours all of us who are still awake, roaming the night sky we all witness the soft calm and silence. distant televisions at low volumes, they could be echoes of the dreamer’s dreams and we get to listen in wide-eyed and calm, i stood naked at […]

Spices and Passion in a loving Brisket

the visitors come and go when they’re here; vowed to never-leave and drink your wine when they go; the beds are re-made and pampered in no-time sad to have never really cooked them dinner with spices and passion in a loving brisket he runs a guesthouse and lives life through passers-by enjoying the reflective abandon […]

I’d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat [Leonard]

I feel you, Leonard. ————————————————————— I’m your man – Leonard Cohen If you want a lover I’ll do anything you ask me to And if you want another kind of love I’ll wear a mask for you If you want a partner Take my hand Or if you want to strike me down in anger […]

wrapped bullets in feathers [writings]

people said they came here for blood, but i know it was me they were after. pitched high-up in the trees, the gaze of the summernight owls pierced their cotton-cased plight to reveal the real agenda with the year’s teachings learned now as ammunition charged and ready to blow i’ll hold my fire; wait in […]

Armed with a schnitzel and a cleanskin shiraz

they weren’t quite ready for what he had to say reactions were a silver doorknob shined and covered with silk socks i’m staying in tonight; armed with a schnitzel and a cleanskin shiraz saying ‘fuck you’ to the night and paying thy poverty the wolves won’t even touch him; cower down and sniff my dirt […]